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Examples of 'carcinogenic' in a Sentence

1. Identifying carcinogenic substances in food is crucial.
2. Air pollution can contain carcinogenic particles.
3. Reducing exposure to carcinogenic chemicals is essential.
4. Lung cancer is often linked to carcinogenic agents.
5. Tobacco products are a source of carcinogenic compounds.
6. Carcinogenic effects of radiation exposure are well-documented.
7. Chemicals in plastic may have carcinogenic properties.
8. Detecting carcinogenic pollutants in water is vital.
9. Carcinogenic substances in cosmetics require regulation.
10. Occupational exposure to asbestos can be highly carcinogenic.
11. Carcinogenic risks of processed foods are a concern.
12. Benzene is a known carcinogenic chemical.
13. Identifying carcinogenic pollutants in soil is important.
14. Carcinogenic ingredients in skincare products should be avoided.
15. Prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer due to carcinogenic properties.
16. The industrial waste dumped into the river contains carcinogenic toxins that are hazardous to aquatic life.
17. Certain pesticides used in agriculture have been found to have carcinogenic effects on humans.
18. The use of asbestos in building materials has been banned due to its carcinogenic nature.
19. Cooking meats at high temperatures can produce carcinogenic compounds that can lead to cancer.
20. The consumption of processed foods with artificial preservatives may increase the risk of developing carcinogenic tumors.
21. The presence of carcinogenic substances in the air we breathe can lead to respiratory illnesses and cancers.
22. Long-term exposure to diesel exhaust fumes is known to have carcinogenic effects on the human body.
23. Studies have shown that some hair dyes contain carcinogenic chemicals that can cause cancer.
24. Inhaling secondhand smoke can expose non-smokers to carcinogenic toxins that can damage their health.
25. The use of certain plastics in food packaging has been linked to the release of carcinogenic substances.

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