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Examples of 'cardiac' in a Sentence

1. The nurse monitored the patient's cardiac vital signs closely during recovery.
2. High cholesterol levels can increase the risk of cardiac disease.
3. The emergency team performed CPR to revive the patient in cardiac arrest.
4. The cardiac unit of the hospital specializes in treating heart-related conditions.
5. The stress test evaluated the patient's cardiac fitness and capacity.
6. The patient underwent a cardiac assessment after experiencing chest pain.
7. The surgeon performed a complex cardiac procedure to repair a valve.
8. Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining good cardiac health.
9. High blood pressure can lead to various cardiac problems.
10. The EKG monitor displayed the patient's cardiac rhythm.
11. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of cardiac diseases.
12. The cardiac unit at the hospital specializes in heart-related conditions.
13. The marathon runner had exceptional cardiac endurance.
14. Smoking is a major risk factor for cardiac issues.
15. Cardiac rehabilitation programs help patients recover after surgery.
16. The doctor recommended a cardiac stress test for the patient.
17. Stress management is important for overall cardiac well-being.
18. The athlete's strict training regimen improved his cardiac fitness.
19. A cardiac arrest requires immediate medical attention.
20. The cardiologist specializes in diagnosing cardiac abnormalities.
21. The pacemaker regulates the patient's cardiac rhythm.
22. Regular check-ups are essential for monitoring cardiac health.
23. The cardiac surgeon performed a successful bypass operation.
24. A healthy lifestyle can prevent many cardiac problems.
25. The patient was relieved to hear that her cardiac function was normal.

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