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Examples of 'caricature' in a Sentence

1. The magazine cover featured a controversial caricature of a world leader.
2. She mastered the art of creating caricatures that brought joy to people.
3. The caricatureist's work hung in galleries worldwide.
4. The caricature of the couple perfectly captured their quirks.
5. The caricature of the president sparked a lively debate.
6. The cartoonist's caricature skillfully highlighted flaws in society.
7. The artist's caricature provided a unique perspective on the subject.
8. His caricature work was a hit at corporate events.
9. The political caricature made a powerful statement about the government.
10. She commissioned a caricature of her family as a memorable gift.
11. The caricature artist had a knack for emphasizing distinctive features.
12. The caricature of the celebrity went viral on social media.
13. The caricature captured the essence of the rock star's persona.
14. The caricatureist used humor to bring out the subject's personality.
15. The caricature was a clever commentary on contemporary culture.
16. The magazine cover featured a caricature of the iconic actress.
17. The artist's caricature brought out the subject's hidden quirks.
18. The caricature of the politician caused quite a stir in the media.
19. The caricature artist's talent turned everyday people into characters.

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