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Examples of 'carnage' in a Sentence

1. The traffic accident caused a pileup and carnage on the highway.
2. The wildfire's path of carnage devastated the forest.
3. The earthquake's aftermath was a heartbreaking scene of carnage.
4. The zookeeper found the aftermath of the escaped tiger's carnage.
5. The gang war resulted in a bloody night of carnage in the city.
6. The zombie movie featured scenes of apocalyptic carnage.
7. The disaster relief team arrived to assess the carnage.
8. The violent video game simulated scenes of brutal carnage.
9. The crime scene investigator documented the carnage meticulously.
10. The terrorist attack left a trail of carnage in its wake.
11. The natural disaster caused widespread carnage and suffering.
12. The hunter displayed his trophies of animal carnage.
13. The car crash left a scene of twisted metal and carnage.
14. The military operation inflicted heavy carnage on the enemy forces.
15. The battlefield was filled with carnage after the battle.
16. The scene of the accident was one of carnage.
17. The film depicted the horrors of war and the carnage it causes.
18. The battle resulted in heavy casualties and much carnage.
19. The city was left in ruins and carnage after the bombing.
20. The driver was arrested after causing a carnage on the highway.
21. The massacre left behind a trail of carnage and destruction.
22. The scene of the crime was one of utter carnage.
23. The natural disaster caused widespread devastation and carnage.
24. The rebellion was put down with much bloodshed and carnage.
25. The fight left both fighters badly injured and the ring covered in carnage.

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