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Examples of 'carte-blanche' in a Sentence


1. The editor had carte blanche to select the cover art for the magazine.
2. The CEO's carte blanche approach to management empowered employees to be creative.
3. The architect had carte blanche to design the futuristic building.
4. The investor trusted the fund manager with carte blanche control of her portfolio.
5. The CEO's carte blanche hiring policy attracted top talent to the company.
6. The conductor had carte blanche to select the repertoire for the orchestra's concert.
7. The designer was granted carte blanche to decorate the luxurious penthouse.
8. The general gave his troops carte blanche to use any necessary tactics.
9. The explorer was granted carte blanche to choose the expedition's route.
10. The principal offered the teacher carte blanche in designing the curriculum.
11. With carte blanche to innovate, the engineer developed groundbreaking technology.
12. The writer had carte blanche to explore any topic for her next book.
13. The CEO's philosophy was to give employees carte blanche when it came to creativity and innovation.
14. The CEO granted her carte-blanche to revamp the company's strategy.
15. With carte-blanche authority, he transformed the neglected project.
16. The artist had carte-blanche to decorate the entire gallery.
17. In negotiations, he demanded carte-blanche decision-making power.
18. Her expertise earned her carte-blanche in designing the menu.
19. The government's emergency response team had carte-blanche to act swiftly.
20. The coach gave the star player carte-blanche on the field.
21. With carte-blanche access, the journalist uncovered the truth.
22. He earned carte-blanche trust with his impeccable track record.
23. The diplomat was granted carte-blanche to negotiate the treaty.
24. The general's orders were clear: carte-blanche to win the battle.

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