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Examples of 'catastrophe' in a Sentence

1. Wildlife faced extinction post-oil spill, a heart-wrenching marine catastrophe.
2. The artist depicted the hurricane’s catastrophe with haunting, vivid strokes.
3. Science fiction warned of AI-caused catastrophe, a mix of innovation and fear.
4. The financial catastrophe of 2008 reshaped policies and public perception harshly.
5. Amidst the fiery catastrophe, heroes emerged, showcasing resilience and bravery.
6. The catastrophe's aftermath unveiled humanity’s capability for unity and aid.
7. Escaping the volcanic catastrophe, the community’s bonds strengthened immensely.
8. Written accounts immortalized the famine, a catastrophe of historical proportions.
9. Memories of the tsunami, a watery catastrophe, haunted survivors for life.
10. The space mission avoided a catastrophic failure, saving humanity from catastrophe.
11. Resilience blossomed in the garden city post the earthquake catastrophe.
12. The wildfire, a consuming catastrophe, was a harsh lesson on nature's fury.
13. Tales of the ancient catastrophe were passed down through generations somberly.
14. The earthquake unleashed a catastrophe, leaving the city in ruins.
15. The pandemic has been a global catastrophe, impacting lives and economies worldwide.
16. The financial crisis of 2008 led to an economic catastrophe with far-reaching consequences.
17. The collapse of the bridge resulted in a tragic catastrophe, claiming numerous lives.
18. The hurricane brought about a catastrophic situation, leaving thousands homeless.
19. The terrorist attack was a horrific catastrophe, shaking the entire nation.
20. The wildfire turned into a catastrophic event, engulfing acres of land in flames.
21. The failure of the dam caused a catastrophic flood, destroying homes and infrastructure.
22. The nuclear meltdown posed a catastrophic risk, threatening the safety of the entire region.
23. The airplane crash resulted in a catastrophic loss of lives and shocked the aviation industry.
24. The drought led to a catastrophic food shortage, leaving many communities in desperate need.


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