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Examples of 'catatonic' in a Sentence

1. The character's catatonic silence added an eerie atmosphere to the horror story.
2. The psychiatrist used a combination of therapy and medication to treat the catatonic patient.
3. In his catatonic state, he seemed completely detached from reality.
4. The catatonic man's blank gaze made it difficult to gauge his emotions.
5. The medical breakthrough allowed doctors to better understand and treat catatonic conditions.
6. The catatonic episode was triggered by an overwhelming sensory experience.
7. The family rallied together to support their catatonic loved one through the recovery process.
8. The artist's catatonic painting style reflected a sense of inner turmoil.
9. Her catatonic episodes were characterized by prolonged periods of immobility.
10. The catatonic patient slowly began to show signs of improvement with therapy.
11. The documentary shed light on the challenges faced by individuals living with catatonic disorders.
12. His catatonic posture mirrored the statue's frozen stance, capturing a moment of introspection.
13. The psychologist utilized music therapy to engage the catatonic patient's emotions.
14. The character's sudden catatonic state left the audience in suspense, wondering what would happen next.

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