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Examples of 'catch' in a Sentence

1. The fisherman tried to catch a record-breaking trout.
2. Please catch the phone before it hits the ground!
3. He sprinted to catch the train as it pulled out of the station.
4. Let's catch a movie tonight, what do you think?
5. The goalkeeper dove to catch the soccer ball.
6. The scientist wanted to catch a glimpse of the rare comet.
7. She hoped to catch a glimpse of the elusive wildlife.
8. He wanted to catch a moment of solitude in the busy city.
9. The teacher asked the student to catch up on missed lessons.
10. Can you catch me if I jump off this swing?
11. The lifeguard had to catch the drowning swimmer.
12. He tried to catch the falling star in his hand.
13. She tried to catch the kite as it danced in the wind.
14. The outfielder leaped to catch the high-flying baseball.
15. I need to catch up on my assignments before the deadline.
16. He managed to catch the bus just in time.
17. Let's go outside and catch some fresh air.
18. The cat tries to catch the mouse that's scurrying across the floor.
19. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of the sunset over the ocean.
20. The fisherman cast his line into the water, hoping to catch a big fish.
21. The photographer tried to catch the perfect moment on camera.
22. Please catch the phone if it rings; I'm in another room.
23. We need to catch the error in the code before we proceed.
24. She's always able to catch the rhythm of a song and start dancing.


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