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Examples of 'causality' in a Sentence


1. The psychologist investigated the causality between early childhood experiences and adult behavior.
2. The biologist researched the causality between genetic mutations and disease development.
3. The historian examined the causality of historical events and their long-term consequences.
4. The therapist helped the patient explore the causality behind their emotional reactions.
5. The social scientist explored the causality between socioeconomic factors and crime rates.
6. Causality is fundamental in understanding natural phenomena.
7. Understanding causality helps predict outcomes.
8. The law of causality governs scientific inquiry.
9. Causality is a complex concept in philosophy.
10. Scientists investigate causality in many fields.
11. Causality lies at the heart of our reasoning.
12. Causality explains why events unfold as they do.
13. The study of causality reveals hidden connections.
14. Philosophy often delves into questions of causality.
15. Causality plays a crucial role in epidemiology.
16. The principle of causality guides legal proceedings.
17. Causality is a central theme in literature.
18. Causality shapes the narrative of history.
19. Complex systems involve intricate causality.
20. Understanding causality is vital in decision-making.
21. Many debates revolve around the concept of causality.
22. Causality links actions and their consequences.
23. The notion of causality is deeply ingrained in culture.
24. Causality helps us make sense of the world.
25. Causality explores the relationships between events.

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