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Examples of 'causation' in a Sentence


1. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, recognizing the causation between the defendant's negligence and the accident.
2. The researcher conducted a longitudinal study to investigate the causation between early childhood experiences and later life outcomes.
3. The scientist hypothesized a potential causation between certain genetic markers and increased susceptibility to certain diseases.
4. The economist studied the causation between interest rates and consumer spending patterns.
5. The team of experts analyzed data to determine the causation between air pollution levels and respiratory illnesses in the population.
6. Causation is the study of cause-and-effect relationships.
7. Understanding causation is crucial in scientific research.
8. The investigation aims to establish causation.
9. Legal cases often hinge on proving causation.
10. Causation is a complex concept in philosophy.
11. The link between smoking and cancer is causation.
12. Causation can be challenging to prove in some cases.
13. The study seeks to unravel the intricacies of causation.
14. Causation explains the sequence of events.
15. Causation is a fundamental concept in epidemiology.
16. Identifying causation requires careful analysis.
17. The philosopher delved into the nature of causation.
18. Causation explores how actions lead to consequences.
19. The professor lectured on the topic of causation.
20. Causation examines the connection between variables.
21. Causation is a central theme in historical research.
22. Causation plays a role in understanding social issues.
23. Causation helps us comprehend the world around us.
24. The theory of causation has evolved over time.

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