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Examples of 'caustic' in a Sentence

1. The caustic response to her presentation caught her off guard.
2. The comedian's caustic one-liners pushed the boundaries of political correctness.
3. The caustic columnist had a reputation for skewering public figures.
4. The caustic banter between coworkers often went too far.
5. Her caustic sarcasm made it difficult to engage in meaningful conversation.
6. The caustic commentary on social media escalated the online feud.
7. The caustic critique of the chef's cooking wounded his pride.
8. The professor's caustic feedback left students feeling discouraged.
9. The caustic exchange of insults between rivals escalated tensions.
10. He delivered his caustic remarks with a sly, mocking grin.
11. The caustic humor in the comedy club targeted sensitive topics.
12. The caustic review of the film highlighted its flaws mercilessly.
13. The caustic comments in the debate only deepened the divide.
14. She used caustic language to express her frustration with the situation.
15. The caustic response to the artist's work devastated his confidence.
16. The caustic criticism of the politician's speech dominated the headlines.
17. His caustic sense of humor often left people speechless.
18. The caustic words exchanged between friends strained their relationship.
19. Over time, the caustic remarks eroded the team's camaraderie.

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