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Examples of 'caveat-emptor' in a Sentence


1. She learned the principle of caveat emptor when she bought a product online and it was not as described.
2. The salesman advised the buyer to practice caveat emptor when buying a high-end item.
3. He had to follow the principle of caveat emptor when buying a business.
4. She had to remind herself to practice caveat emptor when buying a service.
5. The principle of caveat emptor is a reminder for buyers to be responsible for their own purchase decisions.
6. In the world of online shopping, caveat emptor is a critical concept.
7. The salesman emphasized the importance of caveat emptor to the customers.
8. She believed strongly in caveat emptor when buying vintage furniture.
9. The legal document contained a clear caveat emptor clause.
10. When purchasing artwork, it's crucial to practice caveat emptor.
11. The consumer protection agency advised consumers to be aware of caveat emptor.
12. The contract included a caveat emptor provision, holding the buyer accountable.
13. The antique collector was well-versed in the principle of caveat emptor.
14. The auctioneer reminded bidders of caveat emptor before the bidding began.
15. The real estate agent stressed the role of caveat emptor in property transactions.
16. As a seasoned investor, he was familiar with the concept of caveat emptor.
17. When buying a used car, caveat emptor is a guiding principle.
18. The guidebook for collectors outlined the importance of caveat emptor.
19. The fine print of the insurance policy included a caveat emptor clause.
20. The buyer's remorse was a result of ignoring caveat emptor.
21. The financial advisor educated her clients about caveat emptor in investments.
22. The art dealer upheld the principle of caveat emptor in his business.
23. The contract explicitly stated that caveat emptor applied to the transaction.
24. The antique market operates on the basis of caveat emptor.
25. Before making any major purchase, it's wise to remember caveat emptor.

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