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Examples of 'cavity' in a Sentence


1. The oral surgeon filled the cavity with a tooth-colored filling material.
2. The hiker took shelter in a small cavity in the rocky cliff during the storm.
3. The x-ray revealed a cavity in the molar tooth that required immediate attention.
4. The bat roosted in the cavity of an old tree, seeking refuge during the day.
5. The architect designed the building with strategically placed cavities to enhance natural light and ventilation.
6. The dentist found a cavity in her patient's tooth.
7. A cavity in the wall revealed hidden treasures.
8. The tree had a cavity where birds nested.
9. The geologist studied the volcanic cavity.
10. He explored the dark cavity of the cave.
11. The spacecraft entered the asteroid's cavity.
12. The heart surgeon repaired a blocked artery cavity.
13. A cavity in the ice held a crystal-clear pool.
14. A cavity in the tree served as a squirrel's home.
15. The MRI revealed a cavity in her lung.
16. Bees construct hives within the cavity of a tree.
17. The termite infestation was traced to a cavity.
18. An abandoned bird's nest occupied the cavity.
19. The dentist filled the cavity with a silver amalgam.
20. The researchers investigated the cavity's contents.
21. A cavity in the rock sheltered ancient cave art.
22. The technician inspected the cavity in the circuit board.
23. The spacecraft's sensors detected a cavity underground.
24. The dentist recommended regular checkups to prevent cavities.
25. The MRI showed a cavity in the brain tissue.

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