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Examples of 'cavort' in a Sentence

1. During recess, the kids cavort in the playground with boundless energy.
2. The acrobats cavort through the air with grace and precision, captivating the audience.
3. The fairies in the ballet cavort across the stage, creating a magical atmosphere.
4. In spring, the birds cavort in the sky, engaged in elaborate mating rituals.
5. When the team wins a game, the players cavort around the field in celebration.
6. The monkeys cavort in the jungle, swinging from vines and playing with each other.
7. At the family reunion, relatives cavort, share stories, and enjoy each other's company.
8. During the parade, the clowns cavort down the street, entertaining the crowd with their antics.
9. The horses cavort in the meadow, kicking up their heels and enjoying their freedom.
10. In the comedy show, the actors cavort, making the audience laugh with their humorous skits.
11. At the carnival, people of all ages cavort, enjoying the rides and attractions.
12. The kittens cavort with a ball of yarn, tumbling over each other in their play.
13. The cheerleaders cavort on the sidelines, encouraging the team and energizing the crowd.
14. The children would cavort in the park, chasing each other with glee.
15. The puppies would cavort around the yard, tails wagging furiously.
16. After the big win, the team would cavort in celebration, shouting and hugging.
17. At the beach, they would cavort in the waves, laughing as they splashed each other.
18. The dancers would cavort on stage, their energy captivating the audience.
19. In the meadow, the horses would cavort freely, kicking up dust as they ran.
20. After a few drinks, they would cavort on the dance floor, dancing like nobody was watching.
21. During the carnival, the clowns would cavort around, entertaining the crowd.
22. At the family picnic, the kids would cavort on the playground equipment, having a blast.
23. In the snow, they would cavort and make snow angels, enjoying the winter wonderland.
24. As the sun set, they would cavort around the bonfire, singing and telling stories.

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