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Examples of 'ceasefire' in a Sentence

1. The diplomats worked tirelessly to extend the ceasefire and facilitate peace talks.
2. The citizens celebrated the ceasefire by organizing reconciliation events and cultural exchanges.
3. The ceasefire brought a brief sense of calm and normalcy to the war-torn region.
4. Negotiations for a long-term ceasefire were ongoing, with hopes for a lasting peace.
5. The ceasefire allowed displaced families to return to their homes and rebuild their lives.
6. The ceasefire brought a brief respite to the war-torn region.
7. Negotiations led to a fragile ceasefire in the conflict.
8. The ceasefire allowed humanitarian aid to reach the area.
9. Diplomats worked tirelessly to secure a lasting ceasefire.
10. The ceasefire held, bringing hope for peace.
11. Families reunited during the temporary ceasefire.
12. The ceasefire was a welcome relief for the civilians.
13. Leaders met to discuss the terms of the ceasefire.
14. International pressure pushed for an immediate ceasefire.
15. A ceasefire was declared after years of hostility.
16. The ceasefire agreement marked a significant turning point.
17. Both sides agreed to a short-term ceasefire.
18. Mediators played a crucial role in brokering the ceasefire.
19. The ceasefire negotiations were challenging but necessary.
20. Civilians were finally able to return home during the ceasefire.
21. The UN called for a ceasefire to address the humanitarian crisis.
22. A ceasefire allowed for the exchange of prisoners of war.
23. The ceasefire offered a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.
24. The leaders announced a ceasefire during peace talks.
25. The ceasefire provided an opportunity for dialogue.


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