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Examples of 'celebrate' in a Sentence

1. The whole neighborhood decorated their houses to celebrate Halloween.
2. The company threw a party to celebrate its successful launch of a new product.
3. We gathered around a bonfire to celebrate the summer solstice.
4. The team celebrated their hard-fought win with high-fives and cheers.
5. The church bells rang out to celebrate the wedding of a beloved couple.
6. We will celebrate her birthday with a surprise party.
7. They celebrate their anniversary every year with a trip.
8. Let's celebrate your success with a toast!
9. The community came together to celebrate the festival.
10. We celebrate Thanksgiving with a big family dinner.
11. The team will celebrate their victory tonight.
12. She wanted to celebrate her graduation with friends.
13. They celebrate their cultural heritage through music.
14. We should celebrate every small accomplishment.
15. They celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks.
16. The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary soon.
17. Let's celebrate this milestone with a special event.
18. People celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts and love.
19. We celebrate diversity in our inclusive community.
20. They celebrate their love by renewing their vows.
21. The nation will celebrate Independence Day with parades.
22. Friends gather to celebrate the bride-to-be.
23. We celebrate the achievements of our employees.
24. The city will celebrate its founding with a parade.
25. Let's celebrate life's joys, big and small.

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