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Examples of 'celestial' in a Sentence

1. The astronauts gazed at the celestial expanse from orbit.
2. The constellation Orion is a well-known celestial feature.
3. The northern lights are a mesmerizing celestial display.
4. Astrology claims that celestial bodies influence our lives.
5. The comet's passage through the solar system was a celestial spectacle.
6. The observatory offers a glimpse into the celestial realm.
7. The satellite's mission was to explore distant celestial bodies.
8. The galaxy is home to countless celestial phenomena.
9. Celestial navigation was crucial for early explorers.
10. The solar eclipse was a rare celestial event.
11. Her fascination with celestial bodies led her to become an astronomer.
12. The space probe discovered new data about celestial objects.
13. The ancient Egyptians revered celestial deities.
14. The cosmic beauty of the Milky Way is a celestial marvel.
15. The night sky was filled with celestial bodies, including stars and planets.
16. The ancient civilization believed in celestial gods who controlled their fate.
17. The artist's painting depicted a celestial landscape of the galaxy.
18. The music was so beautiful it felt like it was coming from the celestial realm.
19. The explorer's journey was to discover new celestial worlds.
20. The stargazer was fascinated by the celestial movements of the stars.
21. The scientist's study of celestial mechanics helped to improve space travel.
22. The observer was awestruck by the celestial display of the aurora borealis.
23. The philosopher believed that celestial beings existed in a higher realm.
24. The telescope's lens was able to capture a celestial image of a distant galaxy.
25. The astronomer's research focused on understanding celestial objects and their behavior.

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