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Examples of 'celibate' in a Sentence

1. He found fulfillment in a celibate life of meditation.
2. She admired his dedication to the celibate path.
3. The celibate monks meditated in tranquil solitude.
4. Celibate individuals often experience unique challenges.
5. The celibate lifestyle offers inner peace and clarity.
6. He maintained a celibate existence for spiritual reasons.
7. Celibate relationships are built on deep emotional bonds.
8. They celebrated their love within their celibate union.
9. Celibate monks renounce earthly desires for enlightenment.
10. Being celibate allowed her to pursue her passions fully.
11. The celibate priest served as a guiding light to many.
12. They supported each other's celibate journeys.
13. The vow of celibacy is a profound commitment.
14. Choosing to be celibate can be a path to self-discovery.
15. She made the decision to remain celibate until she found the right partner.
16. Many monks and nuns take a vow of celibacy as a part of their religious practice.
17. He was celibate for many years before finding the love of his life.
18. The celebrity announced that they had chosen to remain celibate until marriage.
19. Some people choose to live a celibate lifestyle for personal or spiritual reasons.
20. The professor wrote extensively about the history of celibacy in religious traditions.
21. She found it difficult to maintain her celibacy in a culture that places such a high value on sexual activity.
22. The group promoted the benefits of a celibate lifestyle for physical and mental health.
23. The counselor helped the patient work through their fears and concerns about living a celibate life.
24. The athlete decided to remain celibate during their training to focus on their sport.
25. The writer explored the complexities of celibacy in their novel, highlighting the challenges and rewards of the lifestyle.

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