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Examples of 'censure' in a Sentence

1. He faced censure from his peers for his inappropriate comments.
2. The media coverage was filled with censure for the athlete's behavior.
3. The diplomat's censure of the foreign government's actions strained relations.
4. The committee voted to issue a formal censure to the senator.
5. The committee decided to recommend censure as the appropriate punishment.
6. The CEO's censure was a wake-up call for the company.
7. The censure of the artist's work was met with protests from supporters.
8. Censure from the scientific community forced the researcher to retract his findings.
9. The political party faced internal censure for its divisive rhetoric.
10. The city council passed a resolution of censure against the mayor.
11. The public's censure of the celebrity's behavior led to a public apology.
12. The court's censure of the defendant's actions was reflected in the verdict.
13. The professor's censure of plagiarism was clear in her grading comments.
14. The censure from his superiors was a wake-up call for the negligent employee.
15. The politician faced harsh censure for his controversial remarks.
16. Her actions prompted widespread censure from the community.
17. The committee's report included a section of censure for the unethical conduct.
18. The public expected a formal censure of the CEO's misconduct.
19. The teacher's censure had a profound impact on the misbehaving student.
20. The media coverage focused on the president's censure of the security breach.
21. The senator received a formal censure from the legislative body.
22. The coach's censure motivated the team to improve their performance.
23. The principal issued a stern censure to the students involved in the vandalism.
24. Censure of the employee's behavior was necessary to maintain workplace standards.

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