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Examples of 'cerebral' in a Sentence

1. The patient's injury affected his cerebral functions, leading to cognitive challenges.
2. The puzzle game was designed to stimulate cerebral activity.
3. The musician's compositions were known for their cerebral complexity.
4. The therapist guided her through a cerebral exercise to manage stress.
5. The novel provided a cerebral journey into the protagonist's psyche.
6. The conference discussed the latest research in cerebral neuroscience.
7. The cerebral cortex is crucial for higher-order cognitive functions.
8. The philosopher's work tackled cerebral questions about the nature of reality.
9. The patient's cerebral injury required intensive rehabilitation.
10. The art exhibit showcased a mix of cerebral and emotive pieces.
11. Meditation can lead to a more cerebral and reflective state of mind.
12. The scientist's groundbreaking research focused on cerebral plasticity.
13. The cerebral challenge of solving the riddles kept them engaged for hours.
14. The cerebral nature of the debate intrigued intellectuals from various fields.

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