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Examples of 'challenging' in a Sentence


1. The hiking trail offered stunning views but presented challenging obstacles, such as rocky terrain and narrow paths.
2. The advanced-level yoga class was physically demanding and mentally challenging, pushing participants to their limits.
3. The coding project posed a challenging problem that required innovative solutions and meticulous debugging.
4. The negotiation process with the stubborn client proved to be a challenging task for the sales team.
5. The engineering competition required participants to design and build a working prototype within a challenging time frame.
6. Climbing Mount Everest is a challenging endeavor.
7. Learning a new language can be intellectually challenging.
8. The challenging puzzle took hours to solve.
9. Writing a novel is a mentally challenging task.
10. Overcoming adversity can be emotionally challenging.
11. His job is both physically and mentally challenging.
12. Running a marathon is a physically challenging feat.
13. The advanced math course is academically challenging.
14. Raising a toddler can be a challenging experience.
15. Building a successful business is financially challenging.
16. Sailing across the ocean is a logistically challenging journey.
17. The escape room presented a mentally challenging scenario.
18. Her career in medicine is professionally challenging.
19. Solving complex equations can be intellectually challenging.
20. Developing new technology is scientifically challenging.
21. Performing surgery is a physically and mentally challenging task.
22. Surviving in the wilderness can be physically challenging.
23. Completing a triathlon is athletically challenging.
24. Navigating through a maze is mentally challenging.


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