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Examples of 'chamber' in a Sentence

1. The photographer set up a studio chamber to capture professional portraits.
2. The detective discovered a hidden chamber beneath the old mansion.
3. The senator addressed the assembly in the legislative chamber.
4. The beekeeper inspected the honeycomb in the hive chamber.
5. The patient was wheeled into the operating chamber for surgery.
6. She entered the dimly lit chamber with trepidation.
7. The sound echoed throughout the grand chamber.
8. The chamber held an impressive collection of art.
9. The engine chamber required careful maintenance.
10. The secret chamber was hidden behind a bookshelf.
11. The council convened in the ornate chamber.
12. The musician practiced in the acoustically perfect chamber.
13. The chamber was filled with ancient artifacts.
14. He was locked in the cramped chamber for hours.
15. The courtroom buzzed as the chamber awaited the verdict.
16. The chamber revealed a stunning view of the city.
17. The legislative chamber was a hub of political activity.
18. The chamber hosted a variety of cultural events.
19. The scientist conducted experiments in the lab chamber.
20. The cold chamber preserved the delicate specimens.
21. The chamber held the key to solving the mystery.
22. She found solace in the quiet chamber.
23. The chamber's walls were adorned with intricate murals.
24. The dragon's lair was a cavernous chamber.
25. The chamber was hushed as the ceremony began.

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