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Examples of 'champion' in a Sentence

1. They championed the cause of animal welfare through advocacy and education.
2. The company seeks to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
3. The singer uses her platform to champion social justice issues.
4. The teacher encourages students to champion their own learning and growth.
5. The community came together to champion a local charity initiative.
6. She champions environmental conservation.
7. He champions the rights of the marginalized.
8. The organization champions gender equality.
9. They championed the cause of social justice.
10. She tirelessly champions animal welfare.
11. He has always championed innovation in technology.
12. The activist champions healthcare reform.
13. They championed the rights of indigenous people.
14. She champions education for underprivileged children.
15. The athlete champions the importance of fitness.
16. The professor champions academic freedom.
17. He champions the value of community service.
18. She passionately champions the arts in education.
19. They championed a more inclusive society.
20. The politician champions affordable housing.
21. The celebrity uses their platform to champion causes.
22. She champions local businesses in her community.
23. They championed the fight against hunger.
24. The teacher champions critical thinking skills.
25. He continues to champion the power of unity.


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