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Examples of 'chance' in a Sentence

1. The adventurer decided to chance climbing the treacherous mountain.
2. We might as well chance trying the spicy dish.
3. She was willing to chance a risky investment for potential high returns.
4. Don't chance crossing the road without looking both ways.
5. He didn't want to chance missing the train, so he left early.
6. The gambler decided to chance all his money on a single bet.
7. We can chance a quick swim before the sun sets.
8. They were nervous about the outcome, but they decided to chance it anyway.
9. She didn't want to chance losing her keys, so she put them in a safe place.
10. I'm going to chance asking for a raise during my performance review.
11. Let's chance taking a different approach to solving this problem.
12. He wasn't sure if she would say yes, but he decided to chance proposing anyway.
13. We can chance a detour to see that famous landmark.
14. He was cautious but willing to chance a leap of faith.

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