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Examples of 'charade' in a Sentence

1. The company's commitment to ethical practices was a charade, as they were still involved in exploitative labor practices.
2. The event was a charade, with the speakers reciting rehearsed speeches and the audience not paying attention.
3. The trial was a charade, with the defendant clearly guilty but the lawyers finding a way to acquit.
4. The negotiation was a charade, with both sides pretending to compromise while sticking to their original positions.
5. The charity was a charade, with the majority of the funds being used to cover administrative costs rather than helping those in need.
6. The relationship was a charade, with both parties hiding their true feelings and intentions from each other.
7. Her smile was just a charade, hiding the pain within.
8. The politician's promises felt like a never-ending charade.
9. Their friendship was a charade, filled with hidden agendas.
10. Behind the charade, he was a brilliant spy.
11. The company's commitment to sustainability seemed like a charade.
12. The charade of happiness masked her true emotions.
13. His generosity was nothing more than a charade for attention.
14. The charade of innocence fooled no one in the courtroom.
15. Beneath the charade, a mastermind was at work.
16. The charade of unity crumbled in the face of disagreement.
17. She saw through his charade of confidence.
18. The charade of professionalism couldn't hide his incompetence.
19. Their extravagant lifestyle was just a charade of wealth.
20. The charade of perfection left her feeling empty.
21. Behind the charade, a complex web of lies unraveled.

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