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Examples of 'chargeable' in a Sentence

1. The premium features of the app are chargeable on a monthly basis.
2. Late check-out from the hotel may be chargeable depending on the duration.
3. The replacement of lost keys is chargeable at a nominal fee.
4. Damage caused by negligence is chargeable to the responsible party.
5. The organization provides chargeable consulting services for businesses.
6. The use of certain facilities in the resort is chargeable for non-guests.
7. Some features may be chargeable extras in this all-inclusive package.
8. Is parking at the hotel chargeable, or is it included in the rate?
9. The service fee is chargeable only if you request additional assistance.
10. Extra luggage beyond the limit is chargeable on this flight.
11. Please note that room service after midnight is chargeable.
12. Use of the fitness center is chargeable for non-hotel guests.
13. The data overage charges are applied if you exceed your limit.
14. Replacing a lost room key may be chargeable in some hotels.
15. The optional insurance coverage is chargeable but highly recommended.
16. Wi-Fi access in public areas may be chargeable for non-guests.
17. The conference room rental is chargeable on an hourly basis.
18. Are international calls from the room phone chargeable?
19. Spa treatments and massages are chargeable amenities.
20. Some in-flight entertainment options are chargeable.
21. The minibar items are chargeable upon checkout.
22. Additional baggage beyond the allowance is chargeable.
23. Late check-out may be chargeable depending on availability.
24. The premium version of the app is chargeable monthly.
25. The resort offers chargeable shuttle services to nearby attractions.
26. Valet parking is available for a chargeable fee.

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