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Examples of 'charity' in a Sentence

1. I made a monthly donation to a charity that focuses on animal welfare.
2. The charity distributed blankets and warm clothing to the homeless during winter.
3. The community came together to organize a charity walk to raise awareness about mental health.
4. The charity operates a shelter for abused women and children.
5. Our company sponsored a charity golf tournament to support local charities.
6. Their family has a long history of supporting charity causes.
7. Donating to charity is a great way to give back to the community.
8. The charity's mission is to alleviate hunger in impoverished areas.
9. Many volunteers dedicate their time to help at the local charity.
10. The charity event raised funds for a children's hospital.
11. Acts of charity can have a profound impact on people's lives.
12. The nonprofit organization relies on public donations to function.
13. Supporting charity initiatives is a sign of a compassionate society.
14. The charity provides shelter to homeless individuals.
15. Contributions to charity can be tax-deductible in some cases.
16. Charities often collaborate to address social issues collectively.
17. She has devoted her life to charitable work and humanitarian causes.
18. The charity auction featured valuable artworks and collectibles.
19. Local businesses generously sponsor the annual charity drive.
20. Their charity foundation has made a significant difference globally.
21. Many celebrities use their fame to raise funds for charity.
22. Charities distribute essential supplies during natural disasters.
23. Acts of charity exemplify the best of human nature.
24. The charity's goal is to empower disadvantaged youth.
25. Donating to charity is a meaningful way to make a difference.

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