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Examples of 'chaste' in a Sentence

1. His chaste intentions were evident in every action he took.
2. The ancient temple exuded an aura of chaste spirituality.
3. The poet's verses celebrated the chaste elegance of nature.
4. In a world of temptation, he remained resolutely chaste.
5. The chaste white lilies symbolized purity at the wedding.
6. Her chaste heart was a sanctuary of unwavering moral values.
7. The chaste moonlight illuminated the tranquil night.
8. The chaste simplicity of their lifestyle was an inspiration to all.
9. His chaste dedication to science was his life's purpose.
10. The chaste vows they exchanged sealed their love eternally.
11. The chaste spring water was renowned for its purity.
12. The artist captured the chaste beauty of a solitary rose.
13. Her chaste kindness touched the hearts of many.
14. In the face of temptation, he remained resolutely chaste.
15. His chaste behavior towards her earned her trust.
16. The novel portrayed a chaste romance between the two protagonists.
17. Nuns are known for their chaste lifestyle.
18. The painting depicted a chaste virgin Mary.
19. He took a vow of chaste celibacy.
20. The movie featured a chaste kiss between the two main characters.
21. She maintained a chaste friendship with her male colleague.
22. The chaste language of the poem made it suitable for all audiences.
23. The sculpture captured the beauty of a chaste goddess.
24. The religious leader preached about the importance of a chaste life.
25. His chaste behavior towards his students earned him respect.

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