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Examples of 'cheek' in a Sentence

1. The politician's cheek in promising to lower taxes without presenting a feasible plan was evident.
2. He had the cheek to flirt with my partner right in front of me.
3. The employee had the cheek to take credit for my ideas in the meeting.
4. It was a cheek for her to criticize my cooking when she had never cooked a meal herself.
5. The student had the cheek to argue with the professor about a topic they clearly knew very little about.
6. Her cheek knew no bounds as she challenged authority.
7. He had the cheek to ask for a favor after his behavior.
8. That level of cheek can sometimes be mistaken for confidence.
9. I can't believe the cheek of some people's demands.
10. The child's cheek often led to amusing conversations.
11. Their cheeky remarks always livened up the atmosphere.
12. I admire your cheek in tackling such a difficult task.
13. He displayed great cheek by speaking out against the norm.
14. She had the cheek to question his judgment publicly.
15. It takes a lot of cheek to face your fears head-on.
16. His cheek often got him into trouble but also won hearts.
17. The student's cheek made the teacher smile despite it all.
18. You've got to admire the cheek of his audacious plan.
19. It's his sheer cheek that allows him to take risks.
20. That level of cheek is what makes her so memorable.
21. Their cheeky sense of humor never failed to amuse.
22. The comedian's cheek shone through his witty jokes.
23. I can't believe the cheek of some people's comments.
24. His cheek led to some interesting debates in class.
25. Your cheek might ruffle feathers, but it's refreshing.

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