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Examples of 'cherubic' in a Sentence

1. The cherubic choir sang angelic melodies during the holiday concert.
2. The cherubic baby reached out with chubby hands to grab her toy.
3. His cherubic face lit up with excitement as he opened his birthday presents.
4. The cherubic boy hugged his stuffed animals tightly as he drifted off to sleep.
5. With golden curls and a cherubic smile, she was the epitome of adorable.
6. The toddler's cherubic face lit up the room.
7. She had a cherubic smile that melted hearts.
8. His cherubic innocence charmed everyone he met.
9. The baby's cherubic cheeks were rosy and soft.
10. The young girl's cherubic appearance belied her wisdom.
11. The choir's cherubic voices filled the church with joy.
12. The painting depicted a cherubic angel with a harp.
13. Her cherubic laughter echoed through the garden.
14. The actor's cherubic looks made him a child star.
15. The little boy's cherubic face was framed by golden curls.
16. The cherubic choirboy sang with pure, angelic tones.
17. She had a cherubic beauty that seemed otherworldly.
18. The photograph captured a cherubic moment of pure joy.
19. The school's cherubic mascot was a symbol of innocence.
20. The baby's cherubic expression was captured in the photo.
21. The cherubic children played in the meadow all day.
22. The cherubic cupid was a symbol of love and romance.
23. His cherubic innocence made him a favorite among adults.
24. The cherubic toddler toddled around the room with glee.
25. The cherubic child's laughter was infectious to all.

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