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Examples of 'chic' in a Sentence


1. The celebrity couple exuded chic style on the red carpet.
2. The hotel's rooftop bar offered chic cocktails with a panoramic view.
3. The fashion magazine showcased chic street style from fashion capitals.
4. The chic cafe served artisanal coffee in trendy ceramic cups.
5. The newly renovated kitchen had a chic and functional design.
6. The city's elite socialites attended the chic charity gala.
7. The fashion designer's runway collection was praised for its chic elegance.
8. The vintage store had a collection of chic retro clothing and accessories.
9. The chic spa offered luxurious treatments and a tranquil atmosphere.
10. Her chic leather handbag was a statement piece that turned heads.
11. The fashion influencer's Instagram page featured chic outfit inspiration.
12. The chic penthouse apartment had floor-to-ceiling windows with city views.
13. The boutique hotel had a chic and modern lobby with artistic decor.
14. The chic art gallery displayed contemporary artworks in a minimalist setting.
15. The beach resort's chic cabanas provided shade and comfort by the sea.
16. Her chic beachwear included a straw hat and oversized sunglasses.
17. The chic wedding ceremony took place in a picturesque garden.
18. The chic bistro served gourmet cuisine with a French twist.
19. The trendy neighborhood was known for its chic boutiques and cafes.

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