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Examples of 'chide' in a Sentence

1. If you chide your employees too often, it may lower their morale.
2. I understand that you’re upset, but that doesn’t give you the right to chide her.
3. To chide someone constructively, it is important to offer solutions rather than just criticizing.
4. It’s better to chide someone privately, instead of in front of others.
5. Whenever the dog makes a mess, the owner will chide it.
6. They chide one another in a friendly manner as part of their banter.
7. Sometimes parents have to chide their children to instill good manners in them.
8. It’s unprofessional for a manager to chide a team member in front of clients.
9. It's common for older siblings to chide their younger ones.
10. People should not chide each other over minor disagreements.
11. It is unkind to chide someone for something they have no control over.
12. Friends should support and help one another, not chide and put each other down.
13. Leaders should not chide subordinates without understanding the context and reasons for their actions.
14. In some cultures, it is considered very disrespectful for children to chide their elders.


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