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Examples of 'choleric' in a Sentence

1. The choleric tone of the meeting overshadowed any progress that was made during the discussion.
2. The choleric comments hurled during the heated debate left lasting wounds within the team.
3. His choleric disposition made teamwork a grueling and often unproductive endeavor.
4. The consistent presence of choleric behavior in the workplace was a breeding ground for negativity.
5. She was widely known for her choleric outbursts, which had become a source of concern for her colleagues.
6. Choleric disputes and power struggles frequently hindered the team's ability to move forward.
7. The choleric arguments, filled with hostility, alienated even the most patient and accommodating colleagues.
8. Both bilious and choleric, he was an individual with whom few could collaborate effectively.
9. Choleric eruptions, like unpredictable storms, had a tendency to sour the entire atmosphere within seconds.
10. The choleric critique she delivered left no room for constructive feedback or words of praise.
11. Choleric complaints, often trivial in nature, seemed to echo incessantly through the office corridors.
12. His choleric attitude and disruptive behavior had a lasting negative impact on every event he attended.
13. The choleric exchanges and constant clashes had damaged team morale to a significant degree.
14. Bilious and choleric, they often found themselves at odds, making collaboration an uphill battle.
15. He had a choleric temper that made him quick to anger.
16. She was choleric and easily irritated.
17. The choleric manager shouted at his employees.
18. He was choleric and always ready for a fight.
19. She had a choleric disposition that made her hard to be around.
20. The choleric customer complained loudly about the service.
21. He was choleric and prone to outbursts of anger.
22. She was choleric and had a short fuse.
23. The choleric driver was honking and gesturing wildly at other drivers on the road.
24. He had a choleric personality that made him hard to deal with.
25. He was incluned to leave his wife alone when she was in a choleric mood.
26. He was a grumpy and choleric man who despised the children in the neighborhood.
27. He was a cantankerous and choleric old man who experienced little joy in life.
28. He was passed over for promotion becuase of his choleric nature.

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