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Examples of 'chortle' in a Sentence


1. We chortle at the absurdity of life sometimes.
2. If you could chortle at your own blunders, you would be much happier.
3. Most children chortle when they see a clown's funny antics.
4. It's difficult to chortle when you're in a bad mood, isn't it?
5. I wonder if he will chortle when he sees the unexpected gift.
6. Sometimes, we chortle at jokes not because they're funny, but because they're so terrible.
7. She loves to chortle at the mischievous antics of her cat.
8. Please, chortle at my jokes tonight; it's my first stand-up performance.
9. They often chortle during the weekly stand-up meetings at work.
10. If we didn't chortle at our own misfortunes, we might cry.
11. The best friends chortle together, even when no one else understands their humor.
12. We should all chortle more - it's good for the soul!
13. When you chortle at his absurdity, it encourages him more.
14. To chortle is to express genuine joy and mirth.
15. The old man let out a deep chortle as he read the newspaper.
16. The sound of his chortle could be heard echoing through the corridors.
17. His chortle was a sign of his amusement.
18. The chortle of the bird outside the window woke me up this morning.
19. The sound of her chortle filled the room with joy.
20. The chortle that escaped her lips was a sign of her amusement.
21. The chortle of the baby made everyone in the room smile.
22. The chortle of the hyena could be heard in the distance.

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