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Examples of 'circuit' in a Sentence

1. The students built a simple circuit using a battery and a light bulb.
2. The robot's circuitry allowed it to perform complex tasks.
3. The technician used a multimeter to test the voltage in the circuit.
4. The computer processor processes instructions within nanoseconds on the integrated circuit.
5. The circuit diagram provided a visual representation of the electrical connections.
6. The circuit board is the heart of electronic devices.
7. He traced the circuit to find the electrical fault.
8. The circuit overload caused a power outage.
9. The closed circuit ensures a continuous flow of electricity.
10. The electronic circuit regulates voltage.
11. A short circuit can cause fires.
12. The circuit breaker tripped due to a surge.
13. The car's electrical circuit needed repair.
14. The circuit design is intricate and efficient.
15. The flashlight's circuit powers the LED.
16. The circuit tester identified the problem.
17. The CPU processes data in a closed circuit.
18. The electrical circuit diagram was complex.
19. A broken circuit can disrupt the entire system.
20. The circuit conducts electricity effectively.
21. The circuit components were soldered together.
22. He repaired the damaged circuit connections.
23. The circuit layout was neatly organized.
24. The open circuit interrupted the power supply.
25. The circuitry in modern devices is advanced.

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