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Examples of 'circumlocution' in a Sentence

1. Lawyers often employ circumlocution in their arguments.
2. The student's essay was criticized for excessive circumlocution.
3. Skillful writers avoid unnecessary circumlocutions in their prose.
4. The diplomat's circumlocution left reporters frustrated.
5. His circumlocutions only served to complicate matters.
6. Clarity is preferred over excessive circumlocution in writing.
7. The teacher encouraged concise expression, not circumlocution.
8. The CEO's circumlocution left employees uncertain about the plan.
9. She disliked the use of circumlocution in formal documents.
10. Political debates often devolve into meaningless circumlocution.
11. The poet used circumlocution to create a sense of mystery.
12. The detective deciphered the suspect's circumlocution.
13. Students were taught to avoid circumlocution in their speeches.
14. The author's avoidance of direct answers led to circumlocutions in the interview.
15. The politician was skilled at using circumlocution to avoid answering difficult questions.
16. His essay was full of unnecessary circumlocution, making it hard to understand his point.
17. The professor's use of circumlocution in his lecture left many students confused.
18. The lawyer's circumlocution was a tactic to stall for time in court.
19. His circumlocution was an attempt to avoid hurting her feelings.
20. Her circumlocution was frustrating to her colleagues who needed a clear answer.
21. The CEO's circumlocution in the press conference did little to reassure investors.
22. His use of circumlocution was a sign of his lack of confidence in public speaking.
23. The writer's circumlocution was a reflection of his love for flowery language.
24. The politician's circumlocution was criticized as a way of avoiding accountability.
25. The speaker's circumlocution made it difficult for the audience to follow her argument.

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