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Examples of 'circumvent' in a Sentence


1. It's essential to circumvent potential conflicts when working in a team.
2. The skilled hacker was able to circumvent the firewall and access sensitive data.
3. To save time, he decided to circumvent the lengthy paperwork and go straight to the supervisor.
4. They had to circumvent the customs regulations to transport the rare artifacts.
5. The clever engineer found a way to circumvent the design flaws in the system.
6. The captain had to circumvent the storm by changing course.
7. To avoid confrontation, she tried to circumvent the issue rather than address it directly.
8. The experienced negotiator knew how to circumvent the usual pitfalls in difficult discussions.
9. In order to win the game, they needed to circumvent their opponent's defenses.
10. The athlete used a strategy to circumvent the defender and score a goal.
11. The spy's mission was to circumvent the enemy's surveillance and deliver the crucial information.
12. To avoid detection, the undercover agent had to circumvent the enemy's security protocols.
13. The company aimed to circumvent the economic downturn by diversifying its products.
14. He had to circumvent the labyrinthine bureaucracy to obtain the necessary permits.
15. The entrepreneur had to circumvent the logistical challenges to deliver products on time.

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