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Examples of 'citation' in a Sentence

1. The courtroom demanded a clear citation of the legal precedent.
2. The journalist included a citation to support the controversial claim.
3. The website's credibility was undermined by the absence of a citation.
4. His presentation was thorough, featuring a citation for every data point.
5. A missing citation led to doubts about the authenticity of the information.
6. The citation provided valuable evidence for the author's argument.
7. Can you provide a citation for that statistic?
8. The professor highlighted the importance of including a citation in the research paper.
9. The court demanded a citation to support the lawyer's claim.
10. The student forgot to include a citation for the quote.
11. The article lacked a proper citation, making its information unreliable.
12. The citation indicated the author and publication year.
13. The author used a direct citation to strengthen their argument.
14. The MLA style requires in-text citations for paraphrased information.
15. The citation in the bibliography guided readers to the full source.
16. The journalist received recognition for their investigative work through a citation.
17. The citation confirmed the accuracy of the data used in the study.
18. Proper citation prevents plagiarism and acknowledges intellectual property.
19. The academic journal requested additional citations to support the claims made.
20. The citation format followed the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style.
21. The student received a low grade for inadequate citation in their essay.
22. The author included a citation to show the influence of a previous study.
23. The citation added credibility to the researcher's findings.
24. The review committee praised the thoroughness of the citation provided.

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