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Examples of 'civility' in a Sentence

1. The teacher emphasized the importance of civility in the classroom.
2. Civility involves listening as well as speaking with respect.
3. Demonstrating civility towards strangers can brighten their day.
4. Civility is a hallmark of a well-mannered society.
5. Conflict resolution often hinges on civility and compromise.
6. The leaders' civility during negotiations helped reach a peaceful agreement.
7. Civility can diffuse tension and promote constructive conversations.
8. Civility is the key to fostering healthy relationships.
9. Encouraging civility among children promotes social skills and empathy.
10. In times of disagreement, maintaining civility is a sign of maturity.
11. Social harmony relies on a foundation of mutual civility.
12. The family's gatherings were marked by warmth and civility.
13. Civility begins with treating others as you wish to be treated.
14. Civility in public discourse is vital for a functioning democracy.
15. The meeting was conducted with civility, despite the heated discussion.
16. He was known for his civility, even in the face of adversity.
17. The lack of civility in the online comments was disappointing.
18. She was impressed by the civility of the opposing team's players.
19. He was pleased by the civility of the political debate.
20. The civility of the protesters was commendable.
21. She was proud of the civility of her children during the family discussion.
22. The civility of the host made the guests feel at ease.
23. The delegates were reminded to treat one another with civility and respect at all times.
24. He was surprised by the civility of the customer service representative.
25. She was pleased by the civility of her coworkers despite the high stress work environment.
26. The civility of the community was a reflection of its maturity and wisdom.

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