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Examples of 'claim' in a Sentence

1. The artist will claim ownership of the stolen artwork.
2. The activist will claim that their cause is just and necessary.
3. The student will claim to have studied all night for the exam.
4. The archaeologist will claim to have found a lost civilization.
5. The chef will claim that their recipe is a family secret.
6. The historian will claim that the event had a significant impact on history.
7. The homeowner will claim damages from the insurance company.
8. The professor will claim that their theory is supported by extensive research.
9. The singer will claim that their new album is their best work yet.
10. The whistleblower will claim that the company is involved in illegal activities.
11. The patient will claim that the prescribed medication is not effective.
12. The witness will claim to have seen the crime being committed.
13. The manufacturer will claim that their product is environmentally friendly.
14. "I claim this seat," John said, pointing with a smile.
15. In the letter, they claim responsibility for the act.
16. Lawyers often claim their clients are completely innocent.
17. "You claim to know me, but you really don’t," she snapped.
18. Scientists claim a new discovery in the ancient text.
19. Authors claim inspiration comes at the most unexpected times.
20. He will claim victory, even if the battle is not over.
21. Protesters claim the park as a common public space.
22. Parents claim the school failed to protect their children.
23. Activists claim the policy harms the environment deeply.
24. "I claim my right to speak," the woman boldly declared.


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