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Examples of 'claptrap' in a Sentence

1. Ignore the corporate claptrap and focus on facts.
2. The conspiracy theory was pure claptrap.
3. His promises turned out to be nothing but political claptrap.
4. They dismissed the speaker's religious claptrap.
5. Don't fall for their financial claptrap; it's a trap.
6. The movie's plot was a mess of cinematic claptrap.
7. The self-help book was filled with motivational claptrap.
8. She exposed the pseudoscience as claptrap.
9. His arguments were a mishmash of philosophical claptrap.
10. The product's claims were nothing but marketing claptrap.
11. The tabloid's headlines were sensationalistic claptrap.
12. The conspiracy theorist spouted endless claptrap.
13. The debate degenerated into partisan claptrap.
14. Their excuses for the delay sounded like bureaucratic claptrap.
15. His speech was nothing but a bunch of meaningless claptrap.
16. I couldn't stand listening to his claptrap about his so-called accomplishments.
17. The advertisement was filled with exaggerated claptrap to lure customers.
18. The article was full of pretentious claptrap, lacking any real substance.
19. She saw through his claptrap and recognized it as a manipulative tactic.
20. The movie was filled with clichéd claptrap, lacking originality or depth.
21. The salesman's pitch was filled with false claptrap to deceive potential buyers.
22. I quickly dismissed his argument as mere claptrap without any factual basis.
23. The author's book was criticized for being filled with pretentious claptrap.
24. The cult leader's speeches were nothing more than manipulative claptrap.
25. The magazine's article was filled with sensationalized claptrap to attract readers.

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