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Examples of 'clarify' in a Sentence

1. You should clarify your position on this issue.
2. It helps to clarify your goals before starting any major endeavor.
3. Will you clarify the requirements for this essay, professor?
4. If you clarify the main points, the audience will better understand your presentation.
5. We should clarify our intentions before making any decisions.
6. The manager must clarify the objectives of the new initiative.
7. It's critical that we clarify the safety procedures to all new hires.
8. Can you clarify the reasoning behind this approach?
9. They need to clarify the pricing structure to attract more customers.
10. Let's clarify our expectations before moving forward.
11. It's essential to clarify the terms of the agreement.
12. The teacher asked the student to clarify his answer.
13. Before the project begins, the team must clarify their roles and responsibilities.
14. It's wise to clarify any doubts you have before investing.
15. She asked a follow-up question to clarify the speaker's main point.
16. Could you please clarify your statement? I didn't fully understand what you meant.
17. The presenter used visuals to clarify the key findings of the research.
18. The professor paused to clarify a difficult concept during the lecture.
19. The lawyer asked the witness to clarify their previous testimony.
20. The editor requested the author to clarify a few passages in the manuscript.
21. The team held a meeting to clarify roles and responsibilities for the upcoming project.

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