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Examples of 'climatic' in a Sentence

1. The climatic conditions of the Sahara Desert are harsh and unforgiving.
2. Human activities are contributing to rapid climatic changes globally.
3. The climatic data collected will help predict future weather patterns.
4. There are striking climatic differences between the equator and the poles.
5. Understanding climatic influences is crucial for sustainable farming.
6. The Amazon rainforest plays a critical role in global climatic regulation.
7. Our team is studying the climatic conditions conducive to tornado formation.
8. Melting glaciers are visible evidence of climatic change.
9. The climatic conditions of this island make it a perfect habitat for unique species.
10. We need to address the issue of climatic change urgently.
11. Climatic variations have impacted traditional migratory patterns.
12. Tropical countries typically have climatic conditions that favor biodiversity.
13. The report includes detailed analysis of the region's climatic patterns.
14. Climatic modeling helps us understand potential future climate scenarios.

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