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Examples of 'clinical' in a Sentence


1. The judge's clinical verdict seemed to overlook the human impact of the case.
2. The dentist's clinical approach to treating patients left little room for patient comfort.
3. The manager's clinical evaluation of employee performance lacked any personal feedback.
4. The politician's clinical response to a tragedy came across as insensitive and uncaring.
5. The journalist's clinical reporting on sensitive topics lacked any human interest angle.
6. Her clinical analysis of the data revealed insightful trends.
7. His clinical demeanor in surgery reassured patients.
8. The manager's clinical evaluation improved workflow.
9. A clinical review of the project identified weaknesses.
10. The scientist's clinical approach led to breakthroughs.
11. The lawyer's clinical questioning uncovered the truth.
12. His clinical precision in coding minimized errors.
13. The accountant's clinical audit uncovered discrepancies.
14. Her clinical expertise saved lives in the ER.
15. A clinical analysis of market data informed decisions.
16. The detective's clinical observations solved the case.
17. His clinical detachment made him an excellent judge.
18. The professor's clinical critique improved essays.
19. A clinical assessment of the process identified flaws.
20. The coach's clinical tactics led to victory.
21. Her clinical diagnosis pinpointed the illness.
22. The engineer's clinical design minimized inefficiencies.
23. A clinical examination revealed potential issues.
24. The pilot's clinical precision ensured a safe landing.
25. His clinical management style improved productivity.
26. The therapist's clinical approach aided recovery.
27. A clinical perspective offered fresh insights.
28. The CEO's clinical decisions drove profitability.
29. Her clinical analysis of the experiment enhanced accuracy.
30. A clinical assessment of the situation clarified priorities.

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