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Examples of 'clout' in a Sentence

1. Social media influencers often trade clout for free products or sponsorships.
2. The powerful union leader used his clout to negotiate better benefits for his members.
3. The professor's academic clout earned him respect within the scientific community.
4. The artist's clout led to her artwork being displayed in renowned galleries.
5. The athlete's clout allowed him to secure endorsement deals with major brands.
6. The CEO's clout enabled her to attract top talent to the company.
7. The journalist's clout granted her access to exclusive interviews and events.
8. The actor's clout opened doors to leading roles in blockbuster films.
9. The entrepreneur's startup gained clout after receiving funding from prominent investors.
10. The musician's clout was evident by the sold-out concert venues on her tour.
11. The organization's clout helped them influence government policy.
12. The fashion designer's clout allowed her to set trends in the industry.
13. The sports team's clout attracted top-tier athletes during recruitment season.
14. The CEO's clout in the tech industry made her a sought-after speaker at conferences.

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