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Examples of 'cloying' in a Sentence

1. I couldn't finish the cloying syrup on my pancakes; it was just too sugary.
2. The romance novel was criticized for its cloying and unrealistic love story.
3. The cloying humidity in the tropical rainforest was oppressive.
4. The marketing campaign's cloying attempts to appeal to children were obvious.
5. The singer's cloying performance left the audience feeling unsatisfied.
6. The actor's cloying portrayal of the character made the film hard to watch.
7. The cloying nostalgia of the old photographs brought tears to her eyes.
8. The overly cloying dialogue in the play made it difficult to take seriously.
9. The dessert was ruined by the cloying addition of too much sugar.
10. Her cloying laughter grated on my nerves after a while.
11. The cloying, melodramatic music in the background detracted from the movie's impact.
12. The cloying sentiment in the greeting card felt insincere.
13. The cloying, saccharine sweetness of the love song made it an instant hit on the radio.
14. The cloying sweetness of the dessert was too much for my taste.
15. The movie's cloying romantic subplot felt forced and insincere.
16. Her cloying compliments made me uncomfortable.
17. The perfume's cloying scent lingered in the room for hours.
18. The singer's cloying ballad brought tears to some, but eye rolls to others.
19. The book's cloying sentimentality detracted from its story.
20. The politician's cloying promises sounded too good to be true.
21. The air freshener's cloying fragrance overwhelmed the car.
22. The marketing campaign's cloying slogans failed to resonate with consumers.
23. The cloying nostalgia of the reunion made it hard to enjoy.
24. His cloying attempts to win her back only pushed her further away.

Sentence Synonyms

overly sweet


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