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Examples of 'cluster' in a Sentence

1. The restaurant served a cluster of appetizers, allowing diners to sample a variety of dishes.
2. The jewelry designer arranged the pearls in a cluster, creating a unique and elegant necklace.
3. The company's headquarters were located in a cluster of high-rise buildings in the financial district.
4. The hikers followed a cluster of trail markers to find their way through the forest.
5. The scientists studied the genetic makeup of a cluster of cells to understand their function.
6. A mesmerizing cluster of stars adorned the clear night sky, creating a celestial masterpiece.
7. The well-tended garden boasted a vibrant cluster of flowers in various shapes and colors, attracting pollinators.
8. As the doors opened, a eager cluster of customers eagerly awaited entry, hoping to snag the latest releases.
9. Astronomers used powerful telescopes to study a distant cluster of galaxies, unraveling the mysteries of the universe.
10. In the schoolyard, a cheerful cluster of students gathered for a group photo, capturing memories of their friendship.
11. The bustling city skyline was dominated by a towering cluster of skyscrapers, a testament to urban development.
12. Deep in the forest, we stumbled upon a hidden cluster of mushrooms, each with its unique shape and color.
13. In the vineyard, a bountiful cluster of grapes hung from the vines, promising a fruitful harvest.
14. Along the coastline, a picturesque cluster of islands beckoned adventurers and explorers.
15. Within the meeting room, a well-arranged cluster of chairs awaited attendees, ready for discussions and decisions.
16. A cluster of unexpected events, including bad weather and road closures, led to the unfortunate accident.
17. The renowned vineyard produced a remarkable cluster of wine varieties, each with its distinct flavor profile.
18. During the brainstorming session, a creative cluster of ideas flowed freely, inspiring innovative solutions.
19. Nestled in the valley, a charming cluster of houses formed a tight-knit village, fostering a sense of community.
20. The frustrating traffic jam resulted from a dense cluster of cars converging on the main thoroughfare.
21. In her brain, a complex cluster of neurons fired rapidly, processing thoughts and emotions.
22. The university library offered a quiet cluster of study desks, providing students with a peaceful place to work.
23. Above, a harmonious cluster of birds filled the sky with their melodious songs, signaling the arrival of spring.
24. A distant star was at the center of a fascinating cluster of planets and celestial bodies, each with its unique characteristics.
25. The bustling market was alive with a diverse cluster of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts.


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