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Examples of 'coagulate' in a Sentence

1. The heat will cause the egg whites to coagulate in the pan.
2. If the sauce becomes too hot, it may coagulate.
3. The soup will coagulate if left to cool for too long.
4. To make tofu, the soymilk must coagulate first.
5. It's normal for blood to coagulate when exposed to air.
6. Let the mixture coagulate before adding more ingredients.
7. High heat can cause dairy products to coagulate.
8. Add lemon juice to make the milk coagulate for your cheese recipe.
9. If the liquid doesn't coagulate, try adding a thickening agent.
10. As the temperature drops, the sauce will start to coagulate.
11. Certain medical conditions can cause your blood to coagulate abnormally.
12. In cheese-making, bacteria is added to milk to help it coagulate.
13. The egg whites will coagulate faster with some cream of tartar.
14. It is important to let the pudding coagulate fully before serving.
15. When heated, the mixture of milk and vinegar will coagulate and form curds.
16. If the gelatin mixture doesn't coagulate, it won't set properly.
17. Certain enzymes can coagulate the proteins in egg whites, causing them to stiffen.
18. The gravy began to coagulate and form lumps after being left out for too long.
19. Heat can cause the proteins in tofu to coagulate and firm up.
20. The clotting factors in the blood help coagulate and stop bleeding.
21. The thoughts and opinions of the team members began to coagulate into a solid plan.

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