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Examples of 'coalesce' in a Sentence

1. The community's efforts coalesce to rebuild after the natural disaster.
2. Dreams and reality can sometimes coalesce in the realm of imagination.
3. Various artistic influences coalesce in his unique style of painting.
4. In the melting pot of ideas, creativity and innovation coalesce.
5. The team's individual talents coalesce to achieve remarkable success.
6. The small streams coalesce to form a river.
7. The dancers' movements coalesce into a beautifully synchronized routine.
8. Over time, various cultures will coalesce to create a diverse and enriched society.
9. The individual ingredients in the soup coalesce to create a delicious flavor.
10. The galaxies will eventually coalesce to form a massive supercluster.
11. As the conference goes on, the different opinions coalesce into a consensus.
12. The raindrops on the window pane coalesce and then slide down together.
13. Several committees coalesce to create a task force addressing the issue.
14. The fragmented pieces of the jigsaw puzzle coalesce to reveal the full picture.
15. The musicians' individual talents coalesce to create a powerful symphony.
16. The vibrant colors in the painting coalesce into a mesmerizing visual experience.
17. When heated, the metals coalesce into a single alloy.
18. The competing businesses coalesce to form a formidable partnership.
19. The students' voices coalesce into a strong demand for change.
20. Various art forms coalesce in the festival to celebrate creativity.
21. The small startups coalesce to create an innovative tech hub.
22. The whispers in the crowd coalesce into a roaring applause.
23. The different coding languages coalesce to make a versatile software package.
24. The islands will eventually coalesce into a larger landmass due to tectonic activity.


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