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Examples of 'codswallop' in a Sentence

1. The politician's statement was met with eye rolls and shouts of "codswallop!"
2. I've heard a lot of codswallop in my life, but that takes the cake.
3. The salesman's pitch was so full of codswallop, I couldn't take him seriously.
4. He tried to convince us with a long speech, but it was all codswallop from start to finish.
5. His explanation was pure codswallop, devoid of any logic.
6. I can't believe people buy into such codswallop.
7. The conspiracy theory was nothing but codswallop.
8. He dismissed the idea as sheer codswallop.
9. That argument is complete codswallop.
10. Don't waste your time on such codswallop.
11. The article was filled with scientific codswallop.
12. She exposed his claims as total codswallop.
13. His excuses were nothing more than codswallop.
14. The politician's promises sounded like codswallop.
15. His theories were regarded as pseudoscientific codswallop.
16. We shouldn't entertain such blatant codswallop.
17. The speaker spouted codswallop throughout the presentation.
18. It's frustrating to listen to such blatant codswallop.
19. The conspiracy theory was pure codswallop.
20. She couldn't tolerate his continuous codswallop.
21. He had a talent for spouting nonsensical codswallop.
22. The movie's plot was a jumble of codswallop.
23. Their explanation sounded like utter codswallop.
24. The so-called expert's claims were pure codswallop.

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